Show Me Plants

Why Join a Pod?


Let's face it, making any major lifestyle change is difficult and completely revamping the way one eats and changing to a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet is no exception. As with any big change, it's always easier with support. Show Me Plants can not only help you learn more about eating and thriving on a WFPB diet, but it can also help you connect with other like-minded individuals so that you never feel alone while you make the transition to the healthiest diet on the planet. Click on the green box for meeting dates and times. 

The Pod Network


Show Me Plants is affiliated with PlantPure Communities (PPC), which grew out of the 2015 PlantPure Nation documentary. PPC is a grassroots movement designed to encourage people to eat a WFPB diet while educating and supporting them in a community setting. PPC also provides free resources to over 500 Pods around the world, including Show Me Plants. Please join the Pod Network by clicking on the green box below and selecting Show Me Plants if  you live in the Washington, MO area and would like to be part of the growing WFPB community in Franklin County. 

Show Me Plants Facebook Page


Connect with others involved in Show Me Plants, learn about group events, share resources such as recipes and ideas, and check out the latest pictures and videos from Show Me Plants' events on the Pod's Facebook Page by liking us on Facebook. Just click on the green box below.